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The FUNCOMM AGNCY is a small advertising agency with big ambitions! Started in Athens in 2021 and it is a 360 fun Communications agency based on the modern-day Storytelling & brand Culture.


A Communication team that will see your brand holistically with the story behind it as a pillar. Its purpose is to break down every stereotype in advertising and envision without any limitation, making a creative mess in the media and beyond. He is here to create original stories with you and above all having fun! For us it is not just another advertisement, we are passionate about the subject of our work and we want to deliver to the client and his audience a special and unique experience.

Harry & Dimitris the last five years have been behind and in front of the cameras in the biggest events in our city. 


Their venture is to create a team that creates brand stories throughout the 1st Youth PR Agency in Athens's here & is waiting for you to get in touch with us so that we can spread your own story as well!

For us it's not just a Commercial.
We are Passionate about our work.
We envision without limitations.
We Deliver something extraordinary fun!

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